Monday, June 24, 2013


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While driving along Pacific Drive on Sunday looking for surf I spotted a wave breaking on the shore of Nobbies.
On closer inspection there were some solid barrels coming through, so i swam out for a few pics.
If you ever see a pic that you think would look good on your wall, get in touch and we can organise printing at reasonable prices.

This morning there is plenty of swell and a light offshore breeze, but I couldn't find any inviting waves. I think that there could be some good waves around when the big tide runs out a bit.

I wore a few of these on the head.
Kid with a Gopro muscling in on the action.  
Back towards Flynns.

Sunday, June 23, 2013


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The finals of the NSW Longboard titles went down in some more solid waves at Bonny Hills on Saturday.
There were more broken boards and some great surfing.
Congratulations to all the local surfers who surfed well.

Well done Jen 10, our new Open Womens State Champ.

Chello Snr on his way to a heat win.
Pro loggers.

Jen 10- State Champ.
Danny Bond

Thursday, June 20, 2013


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I took another run down to Bonnie's this morning and caught the first two rounds of the men's opens.

There is still a solid swell pushing through from the south.

O'Raff was in his usual form taking out the first heat with a couple of great rides.

In the second heat Mick Young caught a solid wave and ended up a fair way down the beach. After battling sets for a few minutes, he was almost back out when his board snapped clean in half.
After ducking in and grabbing a single-fin log, he paddled back out and took the heat from local ripper Belly.

Not much happening wave wise in town at the moment. There is plenty of swell, but it's not playing nice with the beach. Hopefully it should sort itself out for the weekend. 
O'Raff down the beach on a right.
Mick working on a board snap.

Post heat launch.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


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I took a run down to Bonny Hills to watch our buddy Ryan compete in the NSW longboard titles this morning.
I was planning to get some water shots, but a decent swell and a strong sweep had me sitting on the point, nice and dry.

There are some nice waves coming through and the waves are very contestable.

Good luck to all our local competitors.

Support crew.
"What place do you think you'll come in this heat Chello?" 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mixed Bag

Mixed Bag
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I've got a mix of pics for you from the weekend this morning.

The big swell predicted for the weekend didn't really happen in town. The swell was way too south for any action on the north facing beaches.

Saturday afternoon I swam out to get a few shots of some longboarders, but ended drifting down to the Breakwall with the boogers.

For a long time now, I've been promising to take Mrs Sandy Feet out Whale Watching, and Sunday it finally happened. It's a bit tricky taking photos of unpredictable animals from a moving boat in large seas, but fortunately they gave me plenty of chances and I managed to nail a few.

So here is a mixed bag of shots from my weekend.
You can check out more at our Facebook Page shortly.

There's some great conditions today and I think Huey will reward those that hunt. Looking good for the NSW Longboard Titles which start tomorrow. 
Jump Big Boy.

Cath can cross step.
A few glassy, sandy barells by the wall.
Say cheese.
Big Phil.