Thursday, May 30, 2013


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It's hard to believe Winter starts tomorrow.
Once the early fog lifted this morning, a perfect day arrived.
It was pleasant to swimming around in boardies and a jacket.
There were a few decent waves at Lighthouse, down towards Watonga rocks.
For some reason most surfers were at the north end of the beach where the waves  didn't have as much shape.

The kook with the camera managed to jag a couple of empty ones in the shorebreak today.

Pat working hard on a fat one.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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I was a bit hesitant about sending today's email.
There were a few decent looking waves at lighthouse and the boys were ripping, but it was a long way out and I struggled to get any decent shots.
It's been a few days though, so I thought I had better try and salvage something.
Here are the least worst ones. 
Mitch boosting.
Banting finding another barrel.

Sunday, May 26, 2013


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There was definitely some swell around on the weekend.
I ducked up to Crescent Head on Saturday afternoon and caught the last couple of heats of the Crescent Head Classic for the day.
I also caught up with the guys from Gato Heroi and managed to sneak in a few shots as the sun set.
I also spotted a few of the Port locals making the most of the protected point.
Today the swell has dropped and cleaned up. The waves at breakwall  were clean and fun this morning, though not many seemed to be makable.
I'm sure there are some great waves around if you have time to search.

Log on rail.
Breakwall this morning.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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If like me you believed today’s forecast, you wouldn't have rushed out of bed this morning. However anyone that ventured out would have been greeted with blue skies and light offshore winds.
Unfortunately after a quick drive round the coast, I wasn't able to find too many waves or surfers.
However, the water looked too inviting to not go for a swim.

If you believe the forecast, we are getting set for a big southerly change which should mean some swell lining up for the weekend. There's a large, grey cloud coming over as I type.

Not a cloud in the sky. Yet.
Breakwall would have been fun, if you were 1 foot tall.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Sneaky Ones.

Sneaky Ones.
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At a glance, Town looked like a lake this morning.
I took a walk down the beach to discover one lonely booger scoring some fun little barrels all to himself.
The tide was running out and the Breakwall was doing it's thing.
Lonely booger.
Empty line up.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bird Rock

Bird Rock
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The Bird Rock Memorial was run in good conditions at Bonny Hills over the weekend.
The sky was blue, the water was clear and the waves were fun.
The standard was high, and there was plenty to point a camera at.
There will be a stack more photos added to the Sandy Feet Facebook Page later today.
Congrats to O'Raff for the win in the Open Final.
Single Fin Style.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


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It was I bit fresh down the beach early this morning.
There was a small relaxed group in the water which made it a great place to be to start the day.
Although the breeze was cool, the water is still quite pleasant.
There were also some fun waves coming through.

The forecast for the weekend is looking good, so hopefully there will be waves for the Bird Rock Memorial.
Fran was picking off some nice ones.
Howie thought he was at Teahupoo. :)
Sun is shining.