Monday, June 8, 2015


What a great day for a bonus day off yesterday. Thanks Queeny.
It didn't feel like winter at all.
I rocked up to the beach in the afternoon and was greeted with some average waves, but ducked out for a surf because the weather was so nice.
Around 4 O'Clock I realized that I missed the memo about Logs and Longjohns and swapped the board for the camera. Just in time for the glass off.
Forward to Friend
Look Out. Blakes in town.Happy Birthday Buddy.
Nick swings into a little left.
Mr Brown, Lighthouse bound.
Nick playing shadow puppets.
Birthday Toes
T Brown prepares for a quick rinse.
Russell  would like to thank his wonderful wife for insisting he go for a surf last night.

All Mondays should end like this.
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