Thursday, March 19, 2015


Today One Wave is all it Takes celebrated it's second birthday with Fluro Friday celebrations around the country.
If you haven't heard of it it's a non-profit surf community raising awareness for mental health.
You can read about them here.
I read that there would be gathering at Flynns beach this morning so I got there bright and early.
The turn out was a bit low, but the girls that did show seemed to have plenty of fun. Hopefully word will spread and some more people will get involved next time.
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There's no better place to be when the sun rises.
Get your fluro on.
Flynnies clubhouse getting it's morning glow on.

Don't have to tell these guys about the benifits of a morning swim.
Warm water at sunrise. What's not to smile about?


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  1. Great photos!! Thank you for turning up! Def inspired us to
    keep working At getting a bigger crowd next month!